Paul Thurrott’s Windows Vista Beta 2 Review

vista1.jpgPaul Thurrott has posted part 1 of his latest Windows Vista Review, which is well worth a look to get an idea of how Windows Vista will compare to its predecessor Windows XP:

To my mind, Microsoft has under-delivered on Vista in two ways: First, it made promises it will not keep. And second, there are specific problems in the beta versions of Windows Vista that need to be fixed before the product is finalized in late 2006. There’s little Microsoft can do about the former at this point, but I expect the company to spend a lot of time on the latter over the next several months.

So is Windows Vista is broken? Is it beyond redemption, a product that is worthy only of your scorn? Absolutely not. Windows Vista is a major Windows release, and that means there’s both good–such as great new features like Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player 11, and Photo Gallery–and bad–the inevitable learning curve that occurs when Microsoft just changes things, sometimes for no perceptibly good reason. Windows Vista is both a lot like Windows XP and completely different.

Although the interface looks great and I am sure the extra features will make a sizable impact for the average user, as a gamer I am really looking forward to see how Microsoft will integrate the Live Anywhere service that was demonstrated at this years E3 presentation.

Link: Paul Thurrott Windows Vista Beta 2 Review

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  • Hi, guys! I was looking around for electronics stuff and i saw computers that said “vista capable”. That got me thinking to whether or not my comp is “vista capable”. Can u guys tell me if my HP m7480n comp with an ATI X850xt platinum edition graphics card will run vista. Thank you for any tips.


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