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Official SOE Sony Podcast Take 2 – Better!

Guess what? Sony has indeed listened to the Internet critisism thank goodness and now it isn’t scripted! It is far more laid back and conversational, which is far easier to listen to. Maybe they try a little hard to correct the failures of the first podcast attempt they had, but by far a better effort!

If you remember, I mentioned in my post about the first attempt by Sony:

Gamers have been wondering when Sony would do their own podcast based on the already amazingly successful Major Nelson (Larry Hryb – Xbox Live Director of Programming) from Microsoft. I was amazed to find though that it was completely an utterly dreadful. This is where podcasting becomes a joke when a corporation uses it as a tool for marketing and not information!

Make sure you have a listen and see what you think and tell us how you rate this latest attempt now it doesn’t feel scripted?

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7 thoughts on “Official SOE Sony Podcast Take 2 – Better!

  • Oh dear, about 30minutes in we have a scripted section which is an advertisement.

  • Its like all plugging well you know at and then you know plug plug plug plug plugand wait more plugs

  • Ih gosh that was so stupid not because it was a Sony thing it just sucked it was dry humor I think I would have more fun watching the sidcom Frasier on the Tele with commrcials of womens products pooping in lol

  • Do you like womens products to :-? just busting on you James

  • Ok, that’s an improvement.

    With so many game products though it is going to be difficult for them to have eitehr a coherent but ‘chatty’ show, or one that has to fall into the ‘scripted but relaxed’ format that’d let them visit each title in turn.


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