Nintendo Wii E3 Presentation Impressions

Wiiiiiiii.jpgAfter a very hard going Sony conference, it was very refreshing to see a dramatic start with the Nintendo offering. Using the Wii controller to conduct a virtual orchestra was satisfying to watch, but in fact the whole presentation wasn’t a yawn. So what did I learn… Well actually very little…

They refused to announce a price for the system, although I doubt it will panic anybody as it is aimed at a far larger market of gamers so Nintendo realise the cheaper the better. They also announced it would launch in the 4th quarter of 2006, but nothing more specific than that.

Overall it was a very good presentation and I respect greatly what Nintendo are trying to do. My only concern is the controller. Although it should bring new life to games old and new, it is also going to be interesting to see how long we can actually fling our arms around in the air to get the character to move and fight. Any serious gamer will want to play for a large amount of time, although it may mean we can save our pennies and not worry about going to the gym anymore.

I say well done Nintendo. If anything people are going to probably decide, should they get a Xbox 360 ‘or’ PS3, however I will get the Wii regardless as it fills a gap neither the 360 or PS3 can. Nintendo have certainly stirred things up in the gaming industry, however the name is still annoying me.

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5 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii E3 Presentation Impressions

  • Totally agree. The Wii is great for a game of doubles in tennis of Wii Sports every week as it would be a great laugh.

    Although it will never live up to the Xbox 360 and it’s pure power and games.

    Nice to see UBI Soft doing something that looks good and also Mario looks a good laugh.

    Wii Sports I think seems to be one of the best parts of Wii.

    Nice to see DS.Lite as well. I like the look the StarFox and I may be forced to buy one! As for the Wii…I need to get one for the pure gaming, weekend laugh with your mates. Just gameage with a twist.

  • While I too hate the name very much, I do have to admit after watching the conference… I HAVE to get a Wii now, of course with the new Zelda too ;)

  • Can’t you turn the controller 90 degrees and play it like that?

  • i think Nintendo are very smart, the economy is going a bit stale (IR 0.25% rise) and the average debt is doubling each year, so parents like myself will probaly buy the kids the half the price wii instead of the xbox or ps2 and several games. Anybosy from the 80’s will tell you the c64 was better than the zx spectrum, but which one was top=>ZX (very cheap to make), monty mole, jet set willy, sabre wulf
    Plus the motion control sounds great, and if it get my fat son off the chair all the better.

    ps nice blog:d

  • I do think the Nintendo Wii will be very good (if they can really capture the imagination with the controller, which is a risk!) however for my gaming needs, I can’t imagine playing it more than my Xbox 360.

    We will have to see :)


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