So here I am slowly entering a blog post using my new Nintendo DS Browser. Forgive me for any mistakes, but using a virtual keyboard and a touch screen takes a bit of getting used to.

All in all I have to say the browsing capability is pretty weak, as each webpage takes an absolute age to load. It simply isn’t practical for general use, however if you are not at home and require access, it does do the job… just.

As mentioned, speed is my main concern and there seems to be no caching of images which doesn’t help either. Navigation isn’t that bad at all thanks to the wonderful touchscreen, but the small size of the screen really limits anything complex.

A nice addition for sure, but the slowness will annoy potential purchases of this product. Oh well, at least it is another new toy!

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5 thoughts on “Nintendo DS Browser

  • Just did a quick search on this as it’s quite uses Opera? well I find that quite sluggish on my pc but then it’s a really nice browser and it doesn’t really bother me :p. You can also add search engines to it and disable images so it does seem to have a few options to reduce loading times.
    I always found with my PDA that I didn’t want lots of logos and images flashing around the tiny screen. I wanted just enough text to use the webpage and logoff asap. I’m not a huge fan of spending £1 a second to use the internet on the train when I can easily log on at work or an internet cafe.
    Seems like a great idea for most users that don’t have their own computers.

  • Indeed you can disable images and it does use Opera. even with images off though the speed is still quite slow. If you are going to a single page you are fine, but as soon as you start browsing you notice how it has to reload everything everytime.

    It isn’t a total loss and will come in handy I am sure, just dissapointed that it is soooooo slow.

  • cannot seem to load mine, have wanadoo wireless broadband, can anyone help, am going mad!!

  • I really love the browser.
    It has helped me out a huge ammount while out and about!


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