The latest Yamaha keyboard and digital piano tutorial DVD titled ‘Masterclass’ is now available to purchase, which was produced by myself and presented by Glyn Madden for the Yamaha Club. This is the seventh tutorial DVD I have created for the Yamaha Club and if you include the three promotional DVDs for Yamaha UK – then this is the tenth DVD total, so quite a milestone!

‘Masterclass! is the seventh title in our ‘Playing Yamaha’ series and, building on the success of the Easy Keyboard Library workshop series (featured in the Yamaha Club Magazine), the DVD sets out to show you how, with a few common sense ideas (and a bit of practice), you can turn a fairly simple lead-line and chord symbol music score into a professional sounding arrangement.

The DVD features lots of music – and lots of tips to pick up along the way. You’ll be surprised how a small change to the way you arrange and play your keyboard’s voices and styles can make a huge difference to the way it sounds.
DVD description from the Yamaha Club Shop

COMPATIBLE WITH: Yamaha PSR-1000, PSR-1100, PSR-1500, PSR-2000, PSR-2100, PSR-3000, PSR-S700 and S900, Tyros (1), Tyros2, Tyros3 and Tyros4 series keyboards. Yamaha CVP200, CVP300, CVP400 and CVP500 series Clavinovas.

To find out more about the latest tutorial DVD, click the link below:
> The Yamaha Club DVD Tutorial: Masterclass!

Blu-ray High Definition Version?

Blu-ray LogoWe are also considering releasing a high definition 1080i version on Blu-ray format for those equipped with Blu-ray players and HDTVs. If this interests you and you believe we should produce a Blu-ray edition, please email your thoughts to If enough people show an interest in a Blu-ray version, chances are we will produce it!

Still from the Yamaha Club Tutorial: Masterclass
Still from the Yamaha Club Tutorial: Masterclass

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  • How long is it before I get my membership number after paying by PayPal. The phone line is not working so I cannot buy anything yet.

    • Hi Susan, just writing this so everyone knows we’ve sorted it. The temporary phone number is 0747 352 0125


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