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New Website Design Launched – ColorMag Pro by ThemeGrill

Nearly 10 years ago, Tammie Lister created a beautiful theme for my website, which was later tweaked by Ben Gillbanks and of course I myself made numerous additions and changes.

I felt though it was now time to move on, as so much has changed in the WordPress theme creation world my website was quite simply starting to lag behind. When my site originally launched in 2006, mobile devices weren’t exactly known for their web browsing prowess and even PC display resolutions were hovering around 800 x 600 pixels.

This is when I turned to ColorMag Pro by ThemeGrill.

James Woodcock Theme 2016 by ThemeGrill
James Woodcock Theme 2016 by ThemeGrill

Customisation without the coding

My previous theme literally had no customisation options, that is unless of course you tweaked the HTML, PHP or CSS directly. This brings tremendous power, however this can be time consuming and very experimental.


ColorMag Pro, just like all of the other themes by ThemeGrill, feature a vast array of options that can all be configured from the comfort of the WordPress Admin area. With clear and easy to follow sections, you can add your own colour scheme, logos, graphics, text styles and of course layouts.

The homepage is one such area where you can really go to town. Using WordPress widgets and the additional layout selections provided by the theme itself, you can create a unique page with or without as many features as you need. It is experimentation without the risk. Not a single line of code needs to be adjusted by yourself, just simple menu options you mostly toggle to create the desired effect.

Responsive design for all display screen sizes

Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet or computer – we all now expect any site we visit to adapt to the screen size. There are still so many sites I visit that don’t feature a mobile optimised design and you simply groan and go elsewhere, so this aspect certainly can’t be ignored…

Responsive design
Responsive design

Responsive design cleverly shuffles around the site layout to match the type of screen you are using, therefore no matter whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, desktop monitor or even viewing on your TV – you are covered.

Try for free…

ThemeGrill allow you to try many of their themes for free including ColorMag, with reduced functionality of course, but this provides enough of an insight into whether you with to take the plunge for the feature rich Pro edition.

ThemeGrill Themes

The documentation provided is extremely helpful and the support structure carefully positioned to help you if you are stuck.


There are far too many features to list here, so I recommend you visit their website for more information.

The process to install and customise ColorMag Pro was refreshingly easy, allowing me to concentrate on what really matters on any website and that of course is the content.

In truth this is just the start of my website theme journey with ColorMag Pro. As a result, it has inspired me to look for more modern plugins, adding new ‘featured images’ to all of my 900 posts (yes I know I must be mad!) and best of all the theme itself will receive updates direct from ThemeGrill.

I hope you enjoy the new theme…

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