Christmas is just around the corner and Santa is no doubt delivering a number of Apple iPhones this year to individuals all over the world. The App Store is absolutely jam packed with software, so here are five apps I would recommend you install on your new device without delay.

So let’s begin with an app Apple actually removed!

Google Maps

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

In the latest operating system update for the iPhone, Apple decided to remove Google Maps from the built-in stock apps in favour of their own mapping software. We were promised so much and yet what they delivered failed in almost every way, leaving a lot of disgruntled users.

Thankfully, Google have released their own app on the App Store that brings back much of what we lost plus many more features.

Street View for example allows you to be transported down to ground level and explore the roads as if you were standing there yourself. One of the best additions though is the turn by turn navigation, allowing your iPhone to act as a satellite navigation device.

Google Maps
Google Maps
Street View
Google Maps Street View

App Store Link: Google Maps – Free
Alternatives: TomTom U.K. & Ireland – £39.99 | TomTom U.S.A – $35.99



Twitter is a fantastic service for viewing the latest reactions of individuals, corporations and news outlets from around the world in an instant. Although there is an official Twitter app available on the App Store, Tweetbot manages to provide a richer experience in terms of navigation and interaction.

The interface is extremely pleasurable to use, while monitoring the activity of the accounts you follow an absolute breeze.

Tweetbot also works with iCloud, so if you have the app installed on your iPad for example – you can make sure you don’t read the same tweets over again as this information is shared between the Apple devices.

App Store Link: Tweetbot – £1.99
Alternative: Twitter – Free



Love or loath it, social networking is here to stay and the most popular by far is of course Facebook. With literally hundreds of millions of users – no doubt many of your family, friends and work colleagues have a Facebook account.

Facebook is almost akin to having an online diary and although the content isn’t really something that should be considered private, you can certainly learn a lot about your friends both the good and possibly even the bad.

All in all, Facebook is a must if you have any social network leanings in your soul. There are certainly a few alternatives out there that would love to take the social networking crown away, however it’s hard to argue with the sheer number of users that exist on Facebook.

App Store Link: Facebook – Free
Other Social Networks: LinkedIn – Free | Google+ – Free



Apple were certainly on a roll when they released the iOS 6 software update. Not only did it remove the much loved Google Maps from the bundled operating system apps, it also ditched YouTube – an extremely popular video sharing service by Google.

Google reacted quickly and released their own app, allowing you to search and explore the huge selection of videos individuals uploaded to their servers. Creating subscriptions, you can monitor users that create videos that interest you and trust me when I say there are certainly plenty of options available no matter what fascinates you.

App Store Link: YouTube – Free

Rayman Jungle Run


Apple awarded Rayman Jungle Run ‘Game of the Year’ for 2012 and rightly so. With simplistic touchscreen controls and a wonderful visual spectacular, Rayman Jungle Run is an immensely satisfying platform title that tests your reactions and timing skills.

Rayman Jungle Run
Rayman Jungle Run

With a selection of challenging levels and varied obstacle avoiding techniques, Rayman Jungle Run is absolutely essential in any gaming collection.

App Store Link: Rayman Jungle Run – £1.99
Alternative: Bejeweled – 69p

I am sure there are many more apps available that could be recommended, so list yours in the comments area below.

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  • There are many other apps which are great to download to add to this list:

    – Catch
    – Skype
    – Genius Scan
    – Pacman
    – Snake ’97

    All the above are free on the App Store.


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