yamahaclubweekend.jpgOne of my main activities at the moment is my freelance within the Yamaha keyboard and digital piano area. I currently work for the independent Yamaha Club Magazine with an article now and then and also helping out with other parts as well as the online.

Every year, the Yamaha Club hold an event bringing a strong following of its members the chance to delight in tutorials, performances by professional musicians and Yamaha demonstrators as well as having the chance to meet each other in person. After all it is always nice to put a name to a face!

alvastonhall.jpgHeld at the picturesque Alvaston Hall, my task for the weekend was to basically mingle having a chat with the members, but my main job was to make a presentation about the Yamaha Club website, my own keyboard and digital piano enthusiast website and how it all works. The presentation seemed to go very well and I had some lovely discussions with fellow enthusiasts and people who are registered on my discussion forum.

One of the highlights of the event was watching the pianist Harry Harris play live. I swear his hands were moving so fast over the keys of the Yamaha Clavinova, that is was all just a blur. Amazing performance and I particularly enjoyed the film medley.

Thanks to Glyn and Cathy Madden for their support and to the Yamaha UK team, who always make me feel very welcome. Also a big thanks to Steve Marsden, who aided me in my presentation.

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3 thoughts on “My Yamaha Club Weekend 2006 Experience

  • Oiy, presentations, I can’t stand getting up in front of a ton of people and talking. I hate it with every bead of sweat that I get when/if I do it.

    Glad it went well for you though. :)

  • James. Nicely laidout Blog. May I ask which program you are using for your Blog.

    Best wishes. Graham….Sutton On Sea


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