My attempts to recreate classic point and click adventure game soundtracks on modern hardware and have them playable within the actual games through ScummVM known as the ‘ScummVM Music Enhancement Project‘ has featured in one of’s articles by Erik-André Vik Mamen recently.

The article was originally written in Norwegian, but luckily Google Translate to the rescue…

It is also another person who shall have praised for having changed the gaming experience of old classics. It is James Woodcock, through his “ScummVM Music Enhancement Project”. ScummVM Article (English translation via Google Translate)

The article continues…

It took considerably less time to get permission from other developers and publishers. Beneath a Steel Sky and Discworld followed quickly afterwards. To get a personal response from Terry Pratchett (author of the Discworld books, ed.’s Note.) Was clearly a fantastic feeling. ScummVM Article (English translation via Google Translate)

Make sure you read the entire article on ScummVM.

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