My Plea to SEGA – Bring Sonic Back in 2D and in HD

If it weren’t for the Nintendo DS, Xbox Live Arcade and other console variants, the 2D era would all but be lost out to the new nasty bad boy, the 3D perspective. With its large muscles, which flex on your high definition television screen, 3D has really taken gaming in new directions, but why should it totally obliterate our former love?

SEGA’s latest 3D Sonic the Hedgehog on the Xbox 360 (not the new Live Arcade release!) was an absolute disaster, with extremely rushed and unfinished development and lacking any magic at all, however SEGA could still survive this embarrassment by releasing something quite daring, fresh and full of nostalgia.

So I put this to you all. How about a Sonic the Hedgehog game, using full high definition resolutions, but using mostly 2D and minor 3D elements. Imagine the power available in something like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that SEGA could harness, making for a really mesmerising Sonic experience. We have already had Sonic CD back in the day, would it be so hard to have Sonic HD!

The backgrounds could be full to the brim with details, with birds flocking in the distance, the wind rustling the trees and the sun beating down on the platform areas where Sonic will be running around like a bullet. Imagine full 5.1 surround music, online multiplayer races, achievements, controller vibration and all the other goodies we have today.

How about cartoon animation in HD to explain the story? Maybe it should feature new characters that we haven’t seen before? How about changing weather conditions and slippery platforms? It seems like an eternity since the first Sonic was released on the SEGA Megadrive (Genesis), imagine the possibilities now!

I am sure they are endless and I am sure any Sonic fan reading this will have many ideas of their own, but if SEGA were committed to something like this, it would make many people very happy if they can come up with the goods.

What would you like to see in a Sonic HD? (remember this is just me speculating and SEGA haven’t announced anything like this at all!)

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5 thoughts on “My Plea to SEGA – Bring Sonic Back in 2D and in HD

  • I am with you on this one- I want my Sonic back to basics. I just booted up Sonic 2 in the ol’ emulator, (its ok- I own the game), and although its great fun to play- it could sure do with a makeover.

    The trailer for Sonic (Next Gen) stated that “If you thought you knew blue,,, it’s time to think faster!” It didn’t really bode well…

  • I totally agree James! A 2-D rendition of the Sonic we first got acquainted with back on the Mega Drive II would truly be a much welcomed nostalgia for a great come back mate. Along with most of Sonic’s allies and foes from that 2-D series.

    Like Adam said, a remix of a previous game – like Sonic 3 and Knuckles would also be a fascinating idea – just like Capcom is doing with Super Street Fighter II HD Remix. I’m sure they’ll experience a massive success.

  • Yeah like that new Mario game they made, the one with the “cutting out of paper” feature where the camera angle goes from 2D to 3D then back to 2D.

    It keeps the solid 2D fun!

    Same goes for Worms btw, those 3D versions just don’t cut it.

  • This is bull**t, here has been a such a thing as good 3D Sonic games(Sonic Adventure series and Sonic Unleashed Wii day time levels) and bringing it back to 2D would just be admitting that Sonic has never been as good as his rival Mario or a other gaming franchise that successfully translated into 3D. If SEGA just decided to make a Sonic game based on the Sonic Adventure series and Sonic Unleashed(Wii version’s day stages to be more specific) and drop all the annoying and unnecessary gimmicks(werehog, obligatory “challenges” between stages, swords, etc.) they could bring Sonic back to its former glory, in 3D and not submit to all the “Sonic should stay 2D” fanboy bulls**t.

  • Who said anything about stopping any 3D version! I said we shouldn’t ignore the 2D heritage and take a HD leap forward and do something along the lines of Castle Crashers with Sonic.


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