My Music for Steve Jackson’s Sorcery – The Shamutanti Hills on the Apple iTunes App Store

Recently Steve Jackson’s Sorcery – The Shamutanti Hills released on the Apple iTunes App Store. This contains music composed by myself on the Yamaha Tyros3 keyboard. This is my first official original music release for a game and hopefully many more will follow. The soundtrack is mainly comprised of looping tunes set to a pretty rigid requirement by the game’s designers, however with the ending music, I was allowed to let my imagination take over utilising a pan flute and strings, so this is of course my favourite track . Very movie like and hopefully you will agree quite catchy.

Based on the best-selling Fighting Fantasy gamebook system, The Shamutanti Hills is Book One in Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! series. Your epic quest will take you across the mysterious hills to the cityport of Kharé, but only if you outwit the creatures, traps and wizardry you encounter along the way. Play as either a warrior or as a wizard. If you choose wizardry, your survival will depend on your knowledge of the Sorcery! Spell Book’s darkest secrets. With many other unique features to discover, Sorcery! is a true challenge for novice and veteran adventurers alike.

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