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My Discworld Fan-Made Soundtrack Featured on the DOS GAME CLUB Podcast

My ScummVM Music Enhancement Project featured on the DOS GAME CLUB Podcast, discussing the classic point-and-click game Discworld. Stunning VGA graphics, mind-bending puzzles, and my goal to improve game music.

My ScummVM Music Enhancement Project was featured in a recent episode of the DOS GAME CLUB Podcast, which covered the classic point and click adventure game Discworld.

Discworld is a wonderful yet often mind-bending game released in 1995 on the PC and also appeared on the Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation and Mac. Discworld is also well-known due to the number puzzles that will have you reaching for walkthrough guides, as they can be quite nonsensical in nature. Despite this, Discworld is a visually stunning title from the era of VGA graphics, featuring breathtaking animations and a feature-packed cast for the “talkie” version of the game.

The official Terry Pratchett-approved Discworld point & click adventure game has been pinned on our forums for over two years, as April 2023 would have been his 75th birthday, had he lived to experience it. Although Pratchett was initially apprehensive about the project, after been shown early demos he gave his approval and by 1995 the game was released to much fanfare. It was a big production, with famous British actors and comedians providing the voices, such as Eric Idle from Monty Python voicing Rincewind, the protagonist of the story.


My ScummVM Music Enhancement Project aims to improve the quality of music in various point and click adventure games while staying true to the originals. It utilises pure digital recording methods and Yamaha workstations. My personal goal is to enhance the music specifically for use within the ScummVM software. With these enhancements, we can all once again enjoy the game’s music, hopefully with superior sound quality.

The DOS GAME CLUB Podcast invited me to record a short segment, covering my love of point and click adventure games and my work on creating a fan-made version of the music for Discworld. You can hear a snippet from the podcast below, which they kindly agreed for me to share:

Clip featuring James Woodcock on the DOS GAME CLUB Podcast

You can listen to the full podcast over on their website. It’s very professionally created and my memories of Discworld reinvigorated as a result. Really worth subscribing to their podcast.

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