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My Current & Future Technology Article – Good Times Project – Aspire, Change, Succeed

Recently a post I authored has been published on the Good Times Project website, connected to Drink Aware:

Drinkaware aims to change the UK’s drinking habits for the better. We promote responsible drinking and find innovative ways to challenge the national drinking culture to help reduce alcohol misuse and minimise alcohol-related harm.

In the article, I discuss current and future technologies…

The evolution of technology is constant. With every day that passes, new and exciting developments appear and although this progress is absolutely fascinating to follow – it is certainly not the easiest to partake in if you wish to purchase many of the hardware and software releases.

Thankfully in more recent years, due to the release of tablets and smartphones, technology has become far more accessible to a wider range of people. Simple user interfaces and touch-screen devices have really opened up a whole new world of computing for individuals who may have never dared to travel down this route in the past and with it far more interest in technology and science as a whole.

Finding the truly unique and helpful devices and apps becomes far harder as companies race to become part of this new era. With a little research on the Internet though, and indeed my own website, you can soon locate independent reviews and features to aid your technology pursuits.

I do work hard to make a success of my technology blogging site, and this extends to my life outside of work. Partying has never been a real part of my life. I only drink alcohol on special occasions and only a little so I can thoroughly enjoy and remember the occasion in full. Alcohol then becomes more of a treat rather than an everyday activity, and actually my interest in technology would be classed as more of an addiction, much healthier too hopefully! I also love playing my Yamaha Tyros4 keyboard, which I use to create music for games and also utilised in my first album called ‘Anticipation’, which is available on iTunes and other digital music marketplaces. Providing the perfect opportunity to be creative as well as just being able to sit back and perform many of my favourite music genres. This is one escape that benefits my mastery of the keyboard as well as just passing the time while experiencing oodles of enjoyment.

The transformation of technology over the last few years into a universe of App Stores has challenged many previous conventions. Portable handheld gaming, traditionally a dedicated experience by the two major game companies, has pretty much taken a backseat to smartphones & tablets. In fact, the latest handheld gaming consoles are now emulating the social media and video streaming characteristics of smartphones and tablets in a bid to keep up with the flexibility of these new devices.

The most popular articles seem to be the ones that have an axe to grind, however I tend to avoid those and aim for reviews and guides that offer far more useful information than a simple rant.

Thinking of getting involved in the tech journalism industry? My advice would be quite simply, enjoy it! Use that enthusiasm to drive your articles and that same emotion will light up your readers’ own determination to find the best technology on the market.

I also have my own YouTube channel, where I upload videos and podcasts to accompany my articles. A recent example is my third live stream over a Google+ Hangout.

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