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Music Finder Database UK Downloads for Yamaha Keyboard / Digital Piano

Yamaha’s Music Finder song list is included as a major feature of many new keyboards and Clavinova digital pianos. The Music Finder provides an extensive library of song titles – together with an appropriate choice of accompaniment style and melody voice.

Because of differences in copyright law between countries the original Music Finder list, which is installed at source, is presented either with the song titles scrambled in a ‘cryptic’ format or with an abridged version of the song title list. An upgraded version has been created for Yamaha’s UK customers and may be downloaded here…

How to update your Music Finder Database

  • Select the Music Finder file for your instrument and save it to the appropriate type of storage device for your keyboard or Clavinova. (This may be a Floppy Disk, Smart Media card or USB stick.)
  • Insert the device into your keyboard and press the [FUNCTION] button on the panel.
  • Tab to the USB or FD (floppy disk) page of the display and select the Music Finder file.
  • Select REPLACE to update the original Music Finder list with the new (non-cryptic) song list.

How to update your Music Finder – CVP605/609 ; CVP705/709

  • Select the Music Finder file for your instrument from the list and save it to an appropriate type of USB storage device for your Clavinova.
  • Insert the device into the Clavinova.
  • Call up the Music Finder display via [Menu][Music Finder].
  • Touch the [Load] icon to call up the File Selection display.
  • Locate the Music Finder file on your USB device and select [REPLACE] to replace the current Music Finder records with the new version.

The original Music Finder file is permanently stored on your instrument’s PRESET page.


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