Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter 2 Flash Animation

If you ever loved Mortal Kombat and/or Street Fighter 2, you will enjoy this extensive flash animation. It is not playable as a game, but it is a really interesting, well thought out execution with flash animation.

Street Fighter 2 Vs Mortal Kombat

Watch as the characters interact and be astonished when they fight convincingly with each other from different games.

Thanks to Simon Pell for this information.

Link: Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter 2 Flash Animation

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8 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter 2 Flash Animation

  • this is a beasty, ken should of being there

    he would of kicked his ass,

    great story though :)

  • Nevermind the story, what about the superb amount of effort that must have gone in to the whole animation!

  • now thats more like it, ken kicks ass

  • I think u did an awsome job make more of Ryu and Ken kicking ass! keep it up! Thanks for representing the streetfighter side, even though Ryu lost it was a great story and it wasn’t boring (fighting wise). U know how to make a fight scene seem real even with video game characters. That’s the bomb skill to have! I love this stuff! please make more!

    Nate Smith

  • Pretty cool bit of Flash there. Akuma just rocks. See, even in another dimension he kicks ass. PWNED!


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