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Monster Cast #18 – PlayStation4 Special Edition – [VIDEO] [PODCAST]

Today we recorded Monster Cast #18, produced for the Console Monster website – covering all the news from the Sony PlayStation4 announcement in this special edition.

Also joining me in this latest video podcast are Marty Greenwell and Steven Bourke.

Monster Cast is an un-scripted casual podcast, where Console Monster staff members come together and discuss the latest news in gaming over the past few weeks. Using Google+ HangOut! we stream Live as we discuss the past month in gaming.

Topics include:

  • Sony announce the PlayStation4 – we take a closer look at the details
  • Sony PlayStation4 technical specs revealed
  • ID software comment on hardware ease of use
  • Games featured…
    • Killzone Shadow Fall: You play as an elite Shadow Marshal charged with keeping tensions between the Helghast and Vektans from boiling over.
    • inFAMOUS: Second Son: Seattle is the setting and Delsin Rowe is the new hero with the ability to manipulate smoke.
    • DriveClub: Social connectivity, cutting-edge graphics and the world’s greatest supercars feature in the latest title from Evolution Studios.
    • Knack: Turn into a gigantic fighting machine thanks to the power of ancient relics in this vibrant new adventure.
    • Watch_Dogs: Learn what it is to have complete control over a hyper-connected city.
    • The Witness: The latest puzzle game from Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid.
    • Destiny: A brand new first person shooter from Bungie Studios.
    • Other titles being readied include Diablo III from Blizzard.
  • Lessons learned from dreary PlayStation3 E3 reveal?
  • Viewer comments & questions
  • The next Microsoft console and what we need to see to compete with Sony’s PlayStation4 announcement

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