HDDVD.jpgI love the DVD format, I couldn’t wait to have all my favourite films in a digital format. No more worrying about loss of quality, which always happened after your first play of your VHS movie. I have a very good DVD collection and now having a HDTV for my Xbox 360, now looking forward to HD DVD for even better audio and video quality. Now Microsoft have released some details of the format for use with the console (just for movies):

The Xbox 360 HD DVD Player connects with Xbox 360 to deliver even more high-definition content through blockbuster HD DVD releases from major Hollywood and international movie studios. The HD DVD Player delivers superior high-definition-quality video and stunning digital surround sound with Xbox 360. It includes the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote (ERP TBA).


Now is that a mini HDMI interface on the back I see?

Link: HD DVD Player Pictures

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7 thoughts on “Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive

  • mini hdmi or mini usb could be either!

  • will it work on a PC just wondering?

    and another question will you be able to use a remote control of some sort with it they only have showen the drive so far and no way to to controll or skip through menus.

  • It comes with a remote control from the details that have been released so far, however I would imagine no PC support due to it using the Xbox 360 hardware to decode the movies.

    However you never know what the future may hold! I would imagine PC users would want an internal HD DVD drive anyway.

  • Just listened to Major Nelson’s latest podcast and one of the topics is HDMI…

    It looks like it is Mini USB on the back of the unit and if HDMI was going to be an addition, it would be a replacement for the componant connection now available.

    So official word is, they are looking at HDMI as an output, but are looking at the market to see if it is required. So does this suggest the console is capable ;)

  • interesting spin m8, they way i understand it is basically the Xbox 360 is not capable in it’s current form of HDMI output and no cable or adaptor will change that and give true HDMI output.

  • That is what I thought, but seems strange Microsoft are being so careful in how they answer this key point. Maybe they are worried if they say Xbox 360 is not HDMI capable, PS3 might get more sales. We will have to wait and see…


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