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Mammoth PS3 Against Xbox 360 Size Comparison

xbox360ps3size.jpgI remember when the Microsoft Xbox (1) first came out. There were many cries of laughter from PlayStation 2 owners regarding the size of the console. Many images that had been edited were placed on the Internet to put down the Xbox, but luckily plenty of us ignored it and purchased the console anyway.

Now how the tables have turned! Sony have made a replica of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and now Games Radar have placed that against an Xbox 360 to compare sizes:

Created by Sony as an accurately proportioned replica, the PS3 model may be made entirely from wood, but it takes more than a cursory glance to realise that it’s not the genuine article and gave us a good impression of what the Sony powerhouse will look like nestling next to our TV.

The unit is certainly big, although not drastically bigger than an Xbox 360. Positioned vertically side-by-side, the PS3 stands about an inch taller than its rival, while laying the two down horizontally shows that – at its highest point – PS3’s convex curve makes PS3 about an inch fatter.

It’s not the most beautiful looking beast, either. The underside is “stacked” with a couple of different sized layers and the overhanging midriff gives the unit a slightly awkward, uncomfortable look. But, hey, PS2 was never going to win any beauty contests either.

Well what an ugly beast it is! It seems that PS3 gamers are going to have to look past looks as most of us had to with Xbox (1). Maybe time to start creating those wacky images again people…

Link: [PS3] See the next-gen consoles side-by-side for the first time!

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4 thoughts on “Mammoth PS3 Against Xbox 360 Size Comparison

  • But oh my where did the 360 go? How come when I look at this pic for some reason I think of darth vader all dark plastic like and shiny riding a little space crusie. Just call it my jacked im brain I guess

  • It looks like some old 80’s console. I expect it to come with joysticks and is that a floppy disc drive on the front?

  • It looks horrible and whats with using the same font as the spiderman films! Its a design nightmare yuck. Was it not the japenese that complained about the massive xbox 1. AM i the only one that thinks everything about the ps3 seem ill concived? :(

  • I am going to hav to rethink how im going to stack them that is what I was thinking on the pic :-?


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