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Logic 3 Screenbeat Soundstation 2 Speakers Review

After reviewing the Logic 3 Arcade Stick my next task was to try out these speakers that were originally designed for the Playstation 2. This accounts for the grill like effect on the subwoofer and on the 2 side speakers, but don’t let this put you off.

Us Xbox owners will already know that there is no included sound output sockets to plug into say a Set of speakers or other Audio System on your Xbox system itself, instead you have to buy the Advanced Scart Socket to enjoy Dolby Digital through a compatible receiver. Thankfully these speakers come with a clever little connection which takes the Scart feed and separates the audio signal to go into your lovely new speakers.

The power of these speakers are certainly not to compete with a full on surround system, but adds a greater dimension of sound to just a standard stereo television. For one thing the system has an impressive 300W output and a very generous length of speaker wire for the two side speakers. This means it is much easier to hear the stereo effects rather then using your very close to each other TV speakers.

To my fascination you can also use these speakers for a dual purpose. Imagine if you will: a very hot day and you fancy a quick game of Halo!, You turn on your Xbox, Put in Halo and turn on your speakers. You will find when drop ships come in that a sudden gush of cool air is directed at you. You wonder how your Xbox can do such an effect, and then you realise that in fact its from the subwoofer. There is a rather large hole at the top to release air when very deep bass sounds are played. This is nothing new in the subwoofer world, but with the vent at the front makes for a “cool” experience. It’s a very good talking point with your friends as suddenly their legs get cold and they can’t explain it and think its some fantastic feature of the Xbox to express game environments or maybe even say that your house is haunted and see what reaction you get.

The only trouble with these types of speakers is that they are desktop speakers really with no remote. Which means any volume changing requires a pause of game and getting up off your behind to alter it to the desired level. For PC owners this is fine as speakers are always at arms reach, but for console owners this can be a problem, but seeing as hardly any speakers like these include a remote its no big deal.

The power is very good especially if you place the subwoofer on the floor and the two speakers at ear level quite a way apart from each other. With the 300W power behind it games were much more impressive and atmospheric. If you have a TV stereo setup, this is a very good option to move to if you can’t afford the massive surround systems that everybody is pushing for.

Halo as mentioned earlier is much clearer using the system and is much better for the greater stereo separation. The bass is not the most amazing I have ever heard, but for the price and the size very respectable indeed when compared to other similar systems. Other games also proved to be much better for the stereo separation especially games like Fifa World Cup 2002, Dead or Alive 3 and the fantastic Jet Set Radio Future.


If you have a Stereo TV or god for bid a mono TV, then this is a good upgrade option to get more precision and quality out of your games plus the satisfaction of a great price for what you get.

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4 thoughts on “Logic 3 Screenbeat Soundstation 2 Speakers Review

  • yeah hi. i’ve been trying top set up this sound system to my computer so i have a good sound system for all my music. i’m just wondering, how the f**k do go about doing this? is it able to be my soundsystem for my pc or is it just for t.v and gaming, cos otherwise my surround sound will be a waste. i can’t work out how to connect the subwoofer to my p.c arrghh! please help, anybody!!!

  • It is suitable for your PC, just a matter of plugging it into your soundcard. Just remember you don’t need the adaptor on that you might use with the TV.

  • :d/ ty for the review but i was wondering wheather you could tell me the ampage of the system (the wattage is 15w).

  • I am sorry but I have no idea and I doubt I have the box still to see if there is any mention. You might be able to find out if you run a search on Google.


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