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Logic 3 Arcade Controller Xbox Review

There have been many discussions on Xbox sites about the available controllers and their advantages / disadvantages particularly around the controller ‘S’ and the standard controller. This controller however aims for one thing alone. The true arcade experience.

The size of the controller is monstrous, but this isn’t a bad thing. Anyone who has been on an Arcade Machine will understand that the buttons are very large and the stick made for thrashing left and right. The Logic 3 interpretation of it for the Xbox is nothing less then superb.

As you can see from the above centre picture, the controller is considerable larger then the standard controller but obviously the controller by Logic 3 sits on say a coffee table or some other flat area like maybe even your lap rather then being in the palm of your hand. By not scrimping on size the controller is very comfortable and true to the arcade controller style.

Like the official controller it has the pull release so in case you kick the controller wire you wont see your lovely Xbox hurtling to the floor. Instead the cable will just break away from the console for you to easily re-attach. The cable is very long and you won’t struggle if you have no problems with the official standard controller. As mentioned before the size of the controller is perfect and the size of the buttons and stick equally match the size of the entire controller. As far as I can tell they are perfectly like the arcade sizes and although slightly aligned differently to the Xbox controller, the buttons are easy to use and very responsive. The stick great to hold and again responsive. They have even added a nice rubbery palm rest for the right hand as to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Other then just the usual Xbox buttons, you also have the silver and black buttons located either side of the main A,B,X,Y buttons and the essential start and back buttons located to the top left of the controller. Next to these buttons is a simple selector switch to tell the stick what you want control over, be it the left analogue, right analogue or the D-Pad. Very useful if you want to use this controller for games other than the Beat em up genre.

Also there is a programmable turbo button which has a clever way to store button presses and repeat them at will. Great for special moves.

Obviously this controller is designed for games like Dead or Alive 3 but I have tried with others and although not better then the proper controller, it is still very easy to use. Oh and just in case you were wondering, the stick does vibrate with the impact of punches and kicks.

If you want a specialist controller like you would maybe purchase a racing wheel for those many racing games about, this is the perfect controller for those beat em ups.


Not every bodies cup of tea, but if you love the beat em up genre and crave to experience which the arcade machine provides, this is the controller for you. Well built and large buttons make this an attractive purchase if not an essential one.

Logic 3 Arcade Controller





  • Sturdy design
  • Large buttons for that arcade feel
  • Built-in rumble


  • Huge controller size

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