There are a wide assortment of board games appearing on the Apple iPad and for very good reason. The tablet device offers a perfect opportunity for this genre in particular to reappear in digital form – taking away the frustrations of setting up various game pieces, losing dice and never knowing for sure whether your friend is cheating.

Labyrinth HD follows on this popular trend by capturing fans of the 25 year old Ravensburger Labyrinth board game and transplanting it onto an iOS device.

Labyrinth HD as the name suggests is a ‘maze’, in which you must successfully in as few moves as possible, reach the treasure to complete the level. This is made trickier by the fact that the maze itself doesn’t remain the same throughout your little adventures as with each move you slide a whole row of passages and blockages vertically or horizontally to reach your destination. This is not a maze where you simply locate the one route that leads to the goal, instead you yourself construct the maze – carefully crafting the quickest route that will aid you and upset your opponent.

With each move, you have the chance of moving your character to a chosen section that is reachable in the mazes current state. With every shift of the maze you choose to ditch a small section which re-appears as a new block for the next turn, filling in the void which you can rotate beforehand to hopefully create the all important entrance you need to continue your journey. The whole process is extremely challenging, but in a very appealing way that will have you rotating and shifting the maze around until you manage to figure out the best solution.

Although I have covered the basics of the title, there are actually three distinctive game modes to enjoy – and enjoy you certainly will.

There are two solo modes, the first of which is ‘Puzzle’ – where you aim to retrieve the treasure in as few a moves as possible over 80 levels. These levels range from little introductions to the mechanics of the game to mind blowing complexity that will take plenty of brain power to complete with full satisfaction.

Secondly ‘Time Duel’ – sliding and adjusting the maze as quickly as possible to reach numerous highlighted treasures before the timer runs out.

Handily, Labyrinth HD was updated as I started writing this review and another very important feature was added – including the ability to play against a computer opponent (with selectable difficulty) in a one on one battle (or up to 3 additional players) in a classic ‘Labyrinth’ style game. Here you will need to collect 12 treasures in a particular order before your opponent collects their own selection of 12, planning your route carefully – to both aid your own progress and impede your foe. For those who wish to take on a real human foe, can experience the online antics through the use of Game Center or instead may wish to take on a family member or friend sitting by your side.

Which ever mode you decide to select, I can almost guarantee you that you will find many pleasures within Labyrinth HD thanks to its pleasant presentation, mystical music and charming sound effects.


With single and multiplayer levels to sink your teeth into and a few game modes for good measure, Labyrinth HD captures the delights of the original board game and brings it into the digital realm for all to enjoy on the Apple iPad.

The mazes will provide hours of mind torment in a puzzle game that is sure to distract you from the rigours of daily life – providing an escape that features treasures, adventure and cunning with a presentation that deserves your attention.

iTunes Store Link: THE aMAZEing Labyrinth HD

Labyrinth HD





  • Hours of fun
  • Good mind torment puzzles

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