Klipfolio 1000 Klip Downloads

klipfolio.jpgAs of today, 1000 people have downloaded my Klip from Klipfolio, but what does this mean? Well Klipfolio is a great program that sits on your desktop or hides until one of your monitored sites or ‘Klips’ is updated. This way you can keep track easily of all your favourite websites that support Klipfolio or RSS feeds. Both my blog site and my Yamaha keyboard enthusiast site support Klipfolio.

  • Always up-to-date. New information flows in so you don’t have to go looking for it.
  • More than just news. KlipFolio displays weather, stocks, photos, lists and more.
  • Easily add and remove content. Get more Klips to add new content and services.
  • Built-in RSS support. Monitor as many RSS feeds as you want with the integrated Feed Viewer.
  • Skinnable. Download skins, change colours, adjust fonts and tweak KlipFolio’s size.
  • Small interface. Klips are tiny, so they stay out of your way until you need them.
  • Totally customizable. Set your Klips to get what you want–no more, no less.
  • Multi-language. Full unicode support, in Klips and KlipFolio’s interface
  • Built-in alerts. Set alerts for keywords and new articles and be notified when they appear.

Link: Klipfolio Website
Link: James Woodcock’s Blog News Klip

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  • Glad you like our program. We’re going to be coming out with version 3.1 soon.

    Cheers,… Fred Dixon
    Member of Serence Team


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