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I am sure many of you like myself now own either an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, enjoying the Internet browser capabilities as part of the feature set. The ability to check emails on the move is a blessing and a curse as although you can keep an eye on your inbox wherever you may be, the urge to check just one more time and responding to those so called ‘urgent’ requests will more than likely have you in up to the neck in deep murky water with your loved ones from time to time.

I hate being disconnected from this information though and now many sites use an iPhone and iPod Touch compatible theme, feature an App on the Apple iTunes Store for a slightly different viewing experience or at the very least add a little bit of code so that its easier to scroll for these modern mobile devices.

My blog and indeed my Yamaha keyboard and digital piano enthusiast website both have an iPhone/iPod Touch theme designed specifically for these devices (and others of course!), allowing to view the latest posts and features, run a site search, listen to podcasts and comment on articles.

There are a couple of iPhone / iPod Touch friendly plugins that feature compatible themes for these devices, one being the much loved and widely used WPtouch iPhone Theme. This well designed set-up allows you to easily install this package with little fuss. Another is the iWPhone WordPress Plugin and this is the one I decided to use. Although it isn’t updated by the author of the plugin very often at all (when writing this post, last update was in 2007!), it did allow me to better use my site graphics so it at least in part resembled my fully functioning website when viewed through a computer. Whichever method you decide on for your WordPress installation, it’s always a good idea to feature a plugin such as these for those who love Apple gadgetry and there are plenty of us around.

I hope you enjoy both my websites and if you do indeed own an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, make sure you view my websites on these devices as well so you never miss out on any of my posts. You can also subscribe for free to my podcasts on iTunes.

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