iPhone / iPod Touch, iPad and Android Apps #1 – Angry Birds, Broken Sword and App Shopper

Here is the first in hopefully a series of articles covering my personal favourite apps that feature on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Google Android. App Stores are absolutely crammed packed with software and games that feature the very best of functionality and enjoyment, although finding the right selections can be quite a daunting task.

So begins our journey where I reveal my recommendations and you of course can share your discoveries within the comments.

App Shopper – Apple iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad [Free]

iTunes Store Link: App Shopper

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the Apple App Store? With literally hundreds of thousands of apps crying out for attention it is certainly difficult to find the ones that will interest you the most, however we can also take this a step further with App Shopper.

We all love to save a few pennies and with App Shopper you can search the immense selection and filter your requirements allowing you to view those that are temporarily free so you need never miss a bargain. Highlighting the most popular items, recently updated and price reductions – providing descriptions and screenshots before finally leading you to the actual App Store to download your chosen item. You can then customise even further by creating your own wish list, that will notify you of any changes to your monitored apps.

Broken Sword HD: Director’s Cut – Apple iPad [£3.49]

iTunes Store Link: Broken Sword HD: Director’s Cut

Hopefully you are already enjoying Broken Sword on the iPhone/iPod Touch, which the Apple ’12 Days of Christmas’ app allowed you to download for free, however there is an iPad specific version available as well.

Point and click adventures hold a very special place within my heart and Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars is one of the pinnacle offerings within this genre. Join George Stobbart and Nico Collard as they find themselves in the middle of an epic mystery that will see them travel around the world in many charming locations, revealing characters that will offer insight and humour into the Knights Templar.

Originally released on the PC platform, point and click adventures have translated incredibly well to their new home on touch screen devices. Touching the screen moves either George or Nico to that area and holding down your finger reveals objects and characters you can interact with. Discussion is vital to understand the sinister happenings within the title and carefully picking up and using objects will allow you to continue further on your quest to reveal the hidden truth.

This Director’s Cut edition includes new sections, new puzzles and eye opening plots that have been lovingly created to enhance the whole experience of the game. Hints are available for those struggling with progression, however the desire to proceed without assistance is strong.

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut also available for iPhone and iPod Touch [£2.99]

Angry Birds – Google Android [Free]

Not having Angry Birds within your selection of loved apps is almost unforgivable, so now is the time to redeem yourself. It is one of the most addictive and charming games to have appeared on the mobile platform and now featuring on the Google Android, it is also available for free (ad supported), so you have even less excuse to install it now.

Green sinister pigs have stolen the birds eggs, hence the angry position our feathered friends find themselves in. Catapulting birds to their certain obliteration, it is your job to guide them and remove any objects and obstacles in their path to reach and remove all of those nasty pigs from the screen. Watch in awe as objects and different materials react to your devastation as they fall, smash or explode as you would expect with amazing effect. With an impressive selection of levels and variation, Angry Birds is a title not to be missed and will have you delightfully frustrated for many months to come.

Angry Birds is also available for Apple iPad [£2.99] and Apple iPhone / iPod Touch [59p].

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