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I Would Love That SEGA Rally Coat I Said – I Have to do What in Return You Say?!

SEGA Rally CoatIt feels like a very long time ago now, however myself and other gaming bloggers were invited to preview SEGA Rally for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We were given SEGA Rally goodies, but my eye roamed over to this lovely branded coat. The only way to take one with me though was to win a mini tournament playing what else but SEGA Rally, with all the racing wheels, glorified seating and impressive screens.

Unfortunately I was shunted on the very last corner by my dear friend Anthony (No haven’t forgiven you yet!), resulting in the misery of defeat. It was a long drive home from London and a little cold without the warmth of victory (or a SEGA Rally coat) hugging my sides, but my day has finally arrived where I can now enjoy a brand spanking new SEGA Rally coat, but at a price…

After many lengthy and serious negotiations, where demands were high and debating was strong, I finally achieved my dream… A SEGA Rally coat, however there was a catch. I had to take pictures of myself wearing it out in a busy public place. Not such a major problem, so off I went to Sheffield’s Meadow Hall – the land of shoppertunity – during Easter to gain maximum impact. Did Joseph have this much trouble with his multicoloured coat?

James Woodcock at Meadow Hall

So here I am at Meadow Hall with a large smile on my face, rather stylish attire and the will to shop. Even the miserable British weather isn’t enough to dampen my spirits.

James Woodcock walking around Meadow Hall

I had only been there a few minutes and already I was attracting attention! A lady to the right obviously took a liking to my SEGA Rally coverings, but come on no need to get that jealous! So where to shop first?

James Woodcock outside GAME

So many good SEGA offers available, although I guess the youth on the left is more concerned with all the people clamouring to watch and decide who on earth this person pointing really is. Yes that really is a SEGA Rally coat, with adjustable arm velcro, glistening black finish and SEGA lovingly emblazoned on the back.

James Woodcock has had enough shopping at Meadow Hall

I can only take a few hours shopping before I have had enough. A comfy bench aids my recovery and although I only leave with a set of Lee Evans comedy DVDs at least I am comforted by my new SEGA Rally coat. I just have to be careful that next year I don’t get any branded boxer shorts!

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  • *orders SEGA branded boxer shorts*

    Actually, no, I don’t want to see that ;)

  • haha,… brilliant :d


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