I Finally Grab the Nintendo Wii Console – Mario Galaxy is Pure Genius

Nintendo WiiI know it took me long enough, but I finally have in my possession the Nintendo Wii console. Trying to get one online was proving more than just a little difficult and after searching a few shops I finally came across a console in stock where I didn’t need to purchase an entire bundle I didn’t want.

First let me get the moaning out of the way. Why do consoles still come with the horrid composite cable as standard? Surely RGB scart would be a much better way to go, but no, it still seems we need the fuzzy image that this single yellow cable can provide. I have a 32″ Samsung HDTV, so of course it was then necessary to purchase the componant cables and as you would expect, a massive improvement utilising 480p.

For a console that looks like an external disk drive, it actually looks quite cute all sat there. Although I must admit, I got the shock of my life when in the middle of the night, the darn thing started flashing bright blue! All that because I had received a message.

I have a few games at the moment. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (reviewed here already), Ghost Squad (review coming soon), Wii Sports (came bundled of course) and Mario Galaxy. Mario Galaxy though is the title that has quenched any doubts I had about this console. Although NiGHTS has failed to live up to my lofty expectations, Mario Galaxy is just utter brilliance.

Mario GalaxyA game that uses all the perks of the Nintendo Wii, Mario just smiles at you constantly as this cheeky plumber travels among the stars, reaching ever greater heights and expectations.

To say I am impressed with this game would be an understatement of profound proportions. If I have to pay £179.99 and another £29.99 just to enjoy this game, I might have actually found myself a bargain. Yes the console is not high definition and yes the lack of power certainly leaves a lot to be desired, but it certainly has its charms, just like the Nintendo DS.

Although the Microsoft Xbox 360 will always be my preferred gaming platform of choice, the Nintendo Wii has become a new visitor that doesn’t have to pay me rent to enjoy the accommodations of my room. I still have a few doubts with third party titles lagging behind Nintendo’s own creations, but hopefully as time progresses these will improve.

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One thought on “I Finally Grab the Nintendo Wii Console – Mario Galaxy is Pure Genius

  • Well, its nice to see you finally give in to the Wii and purchase one. Nintendo are keeping the Wii alive with some great, fun and interesting game. Shame that 3rd parties seem to love just churning out endless mini-games and re-makes of old flash games.

    It is going to be tough for developers to match what Nintendo produce but they could at least give it a go :-\”

    I still see the 360 as the console of choice but times are changing…what with the Wii madness still around, the whole “HD-DVD is dead” thing and the PS3 sales steadily increasing. Shame for HD-DVD really but hopefully this gets MS into action and kick out some more good stuff! :d/


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