Secrets in a game, otherwise known as Easter Eggs provide insights into the developer’s sense of humour and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is no different. In fact, if you know how – you can watch Chloe achieve perfect balance with her yoga skills precariously on top of a tower!

Below is a video and also a step-by-step guide…

1. Locate the Hoysala Tower

Early on in the game (chapter 4), Chloe will need to climb a tower which provides lush views of the surrounding area and key locations you need to explore.

2. Open every door to write down the key locations

Chloe will need to open every highlighted door to write down in her map locations that are key to progression in the game.

3. Climb the broken door

One of the doors has a broken section you can climb, so find this door and carefully leap to the door’s breakage point to gain access to the side of the tower to climb, climb, climb.

4. Make your way up to the roof

Make sure once you reach the roof to step onto the middle section so Chloe can walk up to the very highest point, otherwise you will slide off to your death.

5. Climb to the very top and wait for Chloe’s dialogue

Once you have reached the very top platform, just leave your controller to one side and wait. Chloe will mutter to herself that she should really head back down to where Nadine is waiting – however be patient and just wait.

6. Watch the yoga easter egg

After a moment or two of your patience, you will be treated to a visual spectacular as Chloe performs her yoga with the camera panning around for you to take in this awe inspiring wonder. You will also unlock an achievement as a result for your efforts.

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