majornelson.jpgFor anyone who is interested in the Microsoft Xbox 360 console, the first podcast most people will pop over to hear is that of Major Nelson’s (Larry Hryb – Xbox Live Director of Programming), who works as part of the Xbox Live team. His podcasts are informative and interesting for anyone who wants to know the latest news and interviews with high profile guests from within Microsoft and beyond.

This edition is very special and for me one for of the most fascinating, as Major Nelson interviews experts in the field regarding HD DVD. They have quite a few facts about HD DVD Versus Bluray, which are worth noting, even if you consider it to be a little biased as they are all involved with Microsoft and support the HD DVD platform. It was very informative and really worth downloading!

Link: Show #183 The one about HD-DVD

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2 thoughts on “HD DVD Vs Bluray in Major Nelson’s Podcast

  • This show was very interesting. If everything they went through is true (older codec on BR – difficult to program for etc) then Sony are in real trouble. I listened and the mipression I was left with was;

    Blu Ray discs are harder to manufacture, which means they are only yielding 25GB discs so they aremore expensive, use an older codec that is inefficient, the players are double the price, the menus are hard to program… the list goes on.

    Wow and it’s not like Sony have a history of making formats stick, DAT, Mini Disc, Betamax, UMD – all Sony failures.

    If I was Phil Harrison I would be tearing my hair out…..what do you mean he already has?

  • We should also be careful that this is from a Microsoft employer or two though, however seeing as Sony has nothing… and I mean \’NOTHING\’ like this so we can compare podcast 2 popdcast, it is hard to find the middle ground from what each company has to say. We can still though learn a lot from this interview, which adds to the ever growing debate which I am sure will rage on.

    To the podcasts credit, on his page, he links to numerous independent thoughts on Bluray and HD DVD reports.


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