HD DVD – The Look and Sound of Bargains – I Couldn’t Resist Temptation

HD DVDYes HD DVD may be a dead format now and yes I do have a Blu-ray player courtesy of my Sony PlayStation 3 console, but when there are so many HD DVD bargains luring me in, how can I ignore the format completely?

I entered the HD DVD realm by purchasing the Xbox 360 add on when it first launched in the United Kingdom. In fact I believe that was the first accessory I have ever pre-ordered! After collecting quite a few high definition disks in the format, imagine my reaction when Toshiba ended the war. Hardly a surprise after the Warner move, however there are still hundreds of disks available in glorious 1080p resolution to be found at rock bottom prices.

Toshiba HD DVD HD-EP30 PlayerMy primary concern was that I don’t really want the only HD DVD player in the house to be an add on and although the Xbox 360 is up to the task, I could do without all the fan noise in the background for a more serious cinema setup.

I then came across the Toshiba HD-EP30 HD DVD player on the play.com website with 1080p/24fps playback, the films 300 and The Bourne Supremacy (on HD DVD of course) and standard DVD upscaling for just £50. Now if that isn’t a bargain, then I don’t know what is. Of course I snapped their hand off so to speak and a few days later it arrived. Problem solved.

Heroes Season One Complete Collection on HD DVDSplendid stuff it has to be said. Now I have the best of both HD DVD and Blu-ray high definition worlds, however there is more… Amazon.co.uk, MovieTyme.com and many other retailers (especially online ones) have heavily discounted HD DVD movies for sale. From Amazon, I managed to purchase Season 1 of Heroes on HD DVD for just… wait for it… £21.97. The standard DVD collection is priced at £41 and I am getting every episode in high definition for half the price!

So keep an eye out HD DVD owners, as if you can resist the urge to sell all of your HD DVD goods on eBay, you can now reap the rewards by following my example and grabbing some truly remarkable price busting high definition movies.

James Woodcock

James is a Freelance Journalist, Author, Blogger & Podcaster specialising in gaming, gadgets and technology. Ever since he experienced the first controllable pixel movement on the television screen, he has been entranced by the possibilities and rewarding entertainment value generated from these metal and plastic boxes of delight. Writing hundreds of articles including commentary and reviews on various gaming platforms, while also interviewing well known industry figures for popular online publications. Available for hire, contact me for more information.

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13 years ago

You were well and truely ripped off with Heroes HD-DVD @21.97. I just bought it for £12.99 from HMW. :d