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HD DVD for Xbox 360 £129.99 with King Kong

No you don’t have to rub your eyes in disbelief, this is the actual retail price for the HD DVD add on for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console. For just £129.99 or 199 Euros, you get of course the HD DVD drive, a universal remote control and for a limited time, the HD DVD movie King Kong.

Now that has to be considered a superb deal and for us Xbox 360 owners and more importantly gives us the choice to decide whether we want HD movie playback or not unlike the Sony PS3. I am sure this price of £129.99 will bring many undecided people to the HD DVD format and with over 50 titles available in the near future, makes a very nice addition to your entertainment rig.

You have to applaud Microsoft and puts yet even more pressure on the PS3 to really have a successful launch in November (although don’t forget Europe won’t get the PS3 till March at the earliest!).

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3 thoughts on “HD DVD for Xbox 360 £129.99 with King Kong

  • Woot It will even upscale old dvd’s good news lets hope there isn’t as much of a quality gap between the standalone players ,in terms of quality, as there is with the standard dvd player and the 360! Oh and king kong, Ding Dong i’ll have one for xmas! \:d/

  • would get one but might need to get a HD tv first:d

  • anyone know where to get one every body seems to be sold out?


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