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HD DVD / Blu-ray – Keep Your Existing DVDs

One of the newest technologies that continues to spark my interest is that of the HD DVD and Blu-ray battle for dominance as the next generation movie format to eventually replace (or at least hold hands with) DVD. This debate is raging on and on with many valid arguments on either side, but what concerns me more is when you look around and find comments stating something along the lines of ‘I am not buying (insert next generation HD video format) as I refuse to re-purchase my entire DVD collection!’…

Fear not, I am more than likely going to be getting the HD DVD add on for my Microsoft Xbox 360, but I will only replace my very favourite titles (maybe about 5 titles in all) in HD format. For the existing DVD format, there are clever ways to help the video quality such as upscaling (which I am hoping the Xbox 360 will have eventually) and therefore only new titles that I don’t already own that I enjoy will make it into my HD DVD collection.

So for any movie buffs reading this, please don’t make the assumption you have to replace your existing DVD collection, as it just isn’t necessary!

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