I have had the pleasure of working with Glyn Madden, owner and editor of the Yamaha Magazine for many years now. Starting with the co-operation between my independent Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner (YPKO) website with his own Yamaha Club, working with him on numerous keyboard and digital piano tutorial and promotional DVDs and helping to build and maintain his website.

Glyn has recently announced in the October – November 2022 Yamaha Club Magazine that he will be retiring in 2023, stating that the last magazine he will be editing and creating is planned for June / July 2023.

It’s hard to believe he has been looking after us all with his knowledge, guidance and cheeky smile for 27 years and although selfishly we would have all wanted Glyn to carry on writing and entertaining for many more years to come – it’s only right that Glyn puts himself and his family first so he can enjoy a well earned rest. I have watched the last dash many times just before a magazine is published to get it all ready and correct for subscribers of the Yamaha Club to enjoy yet another magazine edition and it’s intense trust me. The planning of content, organising the presentation, creating guides with step-by-step instructions with accompanying imagery, then packing and shipping them all off – it’s no small thing.

The Yamaha Club Magazine was first published in 1995 by top Yamaha UK Demonstrator / Product Specialist Glyn Madden with the intention of supporting amateur home players of Yamaha portable keyboards, organs and Clavinova digital pianos.

Yamaha Club Website

At this point in time, it’s unclear what will happen to the Yamaha Club after Glyn settles down to a slower pace of life. Either someone else will take on the helm or it will close forever, we will just have to wait and see. Glyn will be an incredibly hard act to follow, as the Yamaha Club is Glyn – it’s his written voice, professional talent and indeed positive charm that has made the Yamaha Club magazine so easy to digest. Regardless, would be nice to see at least part of this legacy continue in some shape or form and that the article contributors over the years still have a chance to share their knowledge.

I would personally like to thank Glyn for all his support and friendship over the years. Although we haven’t had the chance to release content together in a number of years, I look back very fondly at the time we spent together working on our various projects. I will never forget the first tutorial DVD we created, on the hottest day of the year stuck under builder’s lamps for lighting, which themselves were like small suns blasting in your face. It was a very sweaty day I can tell you, but that didn’t take away from the fun experience of creating something new with Glyn, which in the end once completed helped a great number of people with their Yamaha instruments.

You can still support Glyn by subscribing to the Yamaha Club Magazine for the issues that remain under his stewardship and I am sure there will be some reflective memories as his retirement looms contained within the pages of which he has lovingly adorned.

All the very best to you Glyn!

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