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Global Worming – Worms Triumph on Xbox 360

Having been released Wednesday, Worms for Xbox Live Arcade has taken over as I and friends have been enjoying the action of our little teams.

Just as Uno took over Xbox Live Arcade (especially with the introduction of the Live Vision Camera), Worms has captured our imaginations and our willingness to part with 800 points. Worms has topped this weeks Top 10 Xbox Live Arcade chart, which is quite frankly no surprise at all!

So how are you finding Worms since its release? There have been some complaints about the price, the amount of available themes for the levels and lack of additional sound banks. Most people remember this title on other platforms and in particular the abundance of various options. The sound banks for example featured outrageous, but superbly funny voices of the more stereotypical types such as Scottish, Yorkshire etc, which alas do not (yet anyway) feature in Worms for Xbox Live Arcade.

Getting around the very stark soundtrack problem, I actually found my old copy of Worms 2 for the PC (when I was still heavily involved with this platform for gaming) and decided to rip the CD Audio tracks from the game and burning those to a new Audio CD only to rip them to the Xbox 360 hard drive. I can now select the seven audio tracks from my custom playlist feature and there we go, extra music!

There are only a few level themes as well, which have upset quite a number of fans and some people have reported online problems as well, however Worms for Xbox Live Arcade is proving to be a tremendous success and if we get more titles like this appearing in the near future, our concerns for Xbox Live Arcade as a service may actually ease a little. It is obvious that Worms could have done with the new 150mb Xbox Live Arcade limit that has been increased lately thanks to much bigger memory cards appearing, but if you miss out on Worms you also miss out on a barrel of laughs as well!

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2 thoughts on “Global Worming – Worms Triumph on Xbox 360

  • Can’t wait to get my 360 back at the end of the month and give you a game James, had a play of Worms round my mate’s the other day, although a little lacking compared to old PC offerings, an exceptionally fun game to play. Glad the magic of the old Worms has been brought to the masses to enjoy.

    And another great article as always, take it easy mate.


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