In the latest Game & Gadget Podcast we discuss the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles 4 months after the launches, covering the interface, games and features of the two.

Joining me are Ken Barnes – Editor at and Marty Greenwell – writer, editor and podcast host at


  • User question: Has either Xbox One or PS4 justified their price tag?
  • User question: Will Xbox drop kinect, to drop the price, to pick up sales? And do either of you utilise the kinect features?
  • User question: Would the controller be a deciding factor on choosing which console to purchase?
  • Overall impressions of Xbox One and PS4 so far…
  • Xbox One Kinect impressions
  • User question: How do you see XBL & PSN evolving over the coming years?
  • What next gen games we have been playing
  • What games are we looking forward to?
  • PC vs Console

We hope you enjoy the podcast.

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2 thoughts on “Game & Gadget Podcast #4 – Xbox One and PS4 Impressions 4 Months On

  • Why the PS4 is better. The controller is more advanced and more comfortable. Better Exclusives games, More Powerful/Better Hardware,Cheaper,PS+ is cheaper and better than Xbox Live in every way. PS4 will be Backwards Compatible. The Hard-drive on PS4 is up-gradable not on Xbox One. PS4 doesn’t require PS+ to do simple things like watch netflix or use the web Browser unlike Xbox One’s Paywall. The PS4 Design is way better and doesn’t require a Big power brick like the Xbox One,PS4 has remote play with Vita, The included PS4 headset does voice commands the same as Kinect!!!! I can go on and on…………

    • More powerful hardware doesn’t always equal the better console, if it did it would make our lives easier to declare a winner each generation :)

      Personally I am really enjoying the Xbox One and not just the gaming elements, so I’m happy.


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