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Game & Gadget Podcast #29 – Atari ST Nostalgia, Pink Genies & More…

I am joined by Aaron Fothergill previously from Argonaut Games and now with Shifty Eye Games, Steve Ince who is an artist, game designer and writer working on games from Revolution Software such as Broken Sword and also a new guest to our podcast Rees from YouTube channel ctrl-alt-rees as we discuss more gaming, gadgets and technology both retro and modern.

Topics include:

  • Steve Ince discusses his retirement from gaming work
  • What games Steve has been playing now he has a little more time
  • Steve releasing yet more books!
  • The pain of the developer crunch time
  • Life as ctrl-alt-rees and his fascination with Atari
  • Atari ST and the MIDI capabilities
  • Computers for homework *cough* games!
  • Homework on an Acorn Archimedes A3010 and dot matrix printers
  • Atari ST and 32 person strong multiplayer games with MIDI connections
  • The horror when you realise what you have thrown away, and then it becomes valuable
  • Steve’s computer journey
  • Taking a high quality scan, reducing to 128 colours for PC, reducing to 32 colours for Amiga
  • A changing colour pixel for a convincing ‘blink’
  • Broken Sword on the Nintendo Wii
  • Rise of the Triads and the music of Lee Jackson
  • The ever growing retro community
  • Robin Williams suing Disney and the risk of the colour blue
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