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Game & Gadget Podcast #26 – Intellivision Console, “Talkie” Versions & More…

I am joined by Tony Warriner who is one of the founders of Revolution Software and Steve Ince who is an artist, game designer and writer working on games from Revolution Software such as Broken Sword as we discuss more gaming, gadgets and technology both retro and modern.

Topics include:

  • James acquiring the Mattel Electronics Intellivision Console and games
  • The Intellivision voice synthesis add-on
  • The joy of cartridges compared against cassette, floppy disk and more
  • Tony states “You could do a great game with 48K”
  • The juggling of switching multiple floppy disks for a single game
  • Why did James get a PC? To play the “talkie” version of Simon the Sorcerer!
  • Select, menu and adjust – remembering the Acorn Archimedes A3010
  • Steve explains how he managed the audio recordings for Beneath a Steel Sky “talkie” version
  • Characters with accents?
  • Discworld and the famous actors who did the many voices including ‘Jon’ Pertwee
  • How Broken Sword music and voice cast influenced the story of the sequel
  • The different voices of Nico Collard in Broken Sword
  • Directing the voice cast and whether any of us can act!
  • The easter eggs Tony and Steve have snuck into their games
  • Piracy… the voice of pirates
  • Classic TV, the good and mostly the bad

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