Game & Gadget Podcast #25 – Restoring Retro Game Posters with Jan Hofmeister

I am joined by Jan Hofmeister, who has spent years restoring for free, in particular point and click adventure game box art and posters – creating stunning print quality tributes to these classic titles. Titles from Lucas Arts, Adventure Soft and more in beautiful high quality using a variety of assets from the original box art, magazine full-page spreads, manuals and more.

Although the audio version of the podcast is still available, this is very much a visual presentation as Jan takes us through a selection of his work and details for the first time the processes and applications he uses for these restorations.

Topics include:

  • How Jan became interested in restoring game box art and posters
  • Jan’s fascination with Lucas Arts point and click adventure games
  • The early days with the Commodore 128 and Maniac Mansion
  • How it became a hobby and a skill
  • The influence of Jurassic Park in computer graphics
  • Restoration of Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders process demonstrated
  • Restoration of The Secret of Monkey Island process demonstrated
  • Restoration of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine process demonstrated
  • Restoration of The Curse of Monkey Island up close
  • Restoration of Simon the Sorcerer up close
  • Jan’s work on the cover of Back to the Future: The Game
  • The sad side of Jan’s restoration efforts
  • How you can support Jan’s work

James Woodcock

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