I am joined by Tony Warriner who is one of the founders of Revolution Software,  Aaron Fothergill previously from Argonaut Games and now with Shifty Eye Games and Stoo Cambridge known for his pixel artwork for Cannon Fodder and other titles from Sensible Software as we discuss more gaming, gadgets and technology both retro and modern.

Topics include:

  • The artwork design concepts of Cannon Fodder
  • Cannon Fodder moving from Amiga to other platforms not always respectful to original artwork
  • How we would love a Cannon Fodder Remaster, come on Codemasters
  • Cannon Fodder, heroic yet emotional devastating
  • Is there still an environment to truly create something new in gaming?
  • Sonic Mania respecting the beauty of the originals
  • The Roland MT-32, Adlib FM and Amiga/Acorn Module music
  • The amazing Commodore 64 SID chip
  • The CD32 quirks and oddities
  • Trying to find original CD32 games at reasonable prices
  • Did the cartridge outstay its welcome?
  • Sony PlayStation development hardware power overloads
  • Tony using Unity for his new game
  • The Commodore 64 loading screens with that music!
  • Education system originally pushing people away from computer careers
  • The logo Stoo Cambridge created for Pixel Refresh
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