Frozen Squirrel Car Insurance Claim

I am happy to report that since I passed my driving test, I believe I was 19 years old at the time, I have not had any accidents (touch wood). However you do hear of some obscure claims in the media to receive that insurance money to cover any costs.

Frozen squirrels, angry wasps and obstructive potatoes were among some of the reasons given by motorists to support their insurance claims, Norwich Union said Monday. Freak incidents involving animals top the list when it comes to bizarre claims, closely followed by those involving food.

The squirrel motorist said the frozen animal had fallen out of a tree and crashed through the windshield while another driver blamed a wasp sting on the leg for a sudden surge in acceleration and a bump with the car in front. One driver even blamed a potato stuck behind the brake pedal for the inability to stop.

“We see a lot of strange things but we were surprised at how many involved animals and food of all things,” said a Norwich Union spokeswoman.

One claim in particular stood out.
“As I was driving around a bend, one of the doors opened and a frozen kebab flew out, hitting and damaging a passing car,” it read. All the cited claims were legitimate and had been paid out, the spokeswoman said.

Link: Potato danger: you want collision with that?

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