I am sure if we are honest with ourselves, we have all experienced bullying in some form. Many will automatically reflect on incidents within our school life, while others don’t see bullying as a distant memory and instead a reality of adult life. It is a plague that impacts us in a profound way and for all its negative origins, still surprises us when brave individuals take it upon themselves to bring some truly inspirational stories to the public view.

Bullying is the opposite to this, something instead you are desperately driven to keep private – hide away from the world the pain and distress this unspoken truth creates. So when someone steps out of the shadow, confronts their own inner demons and takes a bold step into the shining light of the stage – we should all take note and reflect on the meaning and effort undertaken to reach this milestone.

For all of you picked last to be on a team, or are not one of “the cool kids”, or harassed and/or bullied, or “all of the above”, I can relate to how you feel and dedicate my efforts to you. I was the nerd who was into video games and computers before it was as “cool” as it is today … I was the guy at the school dance that was off to the side and was rarely asked to dance … I was the guy being teased for how short I was compared to others in my school … and I was the guy with the acne.

Freddie or Not, Here I Come!

A friend of mine has achieved just that and after inspiration from Freddie Mercury, Queen, Live Aid and James Corden – the result is a usually quite shy person taking to the stage. Showing that with a deep breathe, support from family and friends and training for nearly 5 months – you can dress up like Freddie Mercury and re-enact Queen’s famous Live Aid performance on stage in front of 1000 people – all to help raise awareness for anti-bullying campaigns. Technology has the power to bring us closer together and here it is demonstrated for all to see.

As I tell members of my family, who have also experienced being harassed and bullied, I encourage all of you to try your best to not allow those who try to hurt you succeed in controlling how you feel or prevent you from making your dreams come true. It is our choice, not theirs – and with that said, it is up to you to make smart and wise decisions.

Freddie or Not, Here I Come!

So pop along to his website, have a look around and send him a comment and recognise the time and effort he has made to make us smile that little bit wider today.

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