flatout.jpgSince I became a Freelance Journalist, I must have mentioned Midtown Madness 3 on the original Xbox more times than any other game. It was just so fantastic on Xbox Live and still most of my online chums came from people I met through this title.

Ever since there has been this void though where many of us still hope for either a backwards compatibility patch so it can be played on the Xbox 360 or even better a Midtown Madness 4. This may have finally been eradicated thanks to FlatOut Ultimate Carnage on the Xbox 360.


Imagine Burnout at a much slower speed, heavier feeling cars, amazingly lush graphics and extreme damage… Have you now got that image etched in your brain? Excellent, well then you are half way there to understanding what great fun I am having then with this demolition extravaganza that is FlatOut Ultimate Carnage.

The racing especially online is sublime with some very interesting game modes, which include racing laps that at the end of each you have to turn your car around and race the other way. How about a Demolition Derby where vehicles fall apart in front of your eyes and explode? No still craving more?

The mini games then will maybe tip you over the edge, which includes all manner of madness with the ability to shoot your driver through hoops in the air through the front of your car window, bowling and other completely bonkers variations that achieves that sense of pure silly fun that I haven’t felt since good old Midtown Madness 3. Last of all, how about racing with huge trucks or buses as well as just the cars available? Maybe a rocket car?

If you want to try something different from the usual racing carnage and want to take your online pleasures to the maximum, well then FlatOut Ultimate Carnage for the Xbox 360 is certainly the way to go.

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One thought on “FlatOut Ultimate Carnage – Bonkers yet Fun

  • This game is so awesome like you said… only thing is that there are almost no people playing online anymore, I bet this game only sold like 100.000 copies worldwide…

    Btw, the online mode kicks @ss, carnage fun for everyone, Schoolbus destruction and the stunt mode that can keep on going…! everyone, try to buy this game now it is so cheap!


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