Female Streaker Scores Great Goal

Don’t you just feel that sometimes in the world of football (soccer if you live in the US), it needs a little pick me up. This can mainly happen in the less important league games, where knocking about the ball for 90 minutes becomes the unintentional game plan and winning is considered maybe just a slim bonus.

Well maybe here is the sports required injection of interest as you watch in astonishment as a female streaker makes her way on to the pitch, only to find herself in front of the ball, to which she calmly places it into the back of the net. Now if this is not girl power, you tell me what is.

Please note that this has female nudity, obviously otherwise it would not be a streaker now would it silly… Thanks to Urie Hunt for the link.

Link: Female Streaker Scores Great Goal

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5 thoughts on “Female Streaker Scores Great Goal

  • Wonder if an agent will contact her for a soccer carear :)

  • very funny indeed, classic

  • great way of distracting the goalie…. actually thinking about that, what if another player scored? does the entrance of a streaker void any ‘play’ on the pitch?

  • I have heard that this clip is a fake. Look at the way goalie reacts.
    But anyways it is still a nice clip.


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