Facebook – The Now Notorious Nagging Notification Nightmare

facebooksmall.jpgPossible the strangest title I have ever written for a blog post, however this crazy, sinister yet innocent looking website is actually the cause of great grief for me…

I have never really been into these social websites as I view this website my outlet for reaching friends and visitors alike, however if you want to mingle online with chums from all over the world, Facebook is one of the most popular.

Facebook is almost like the annoying child in the back seat of your car, screaming and crying for your attention, repeating the question “Are we there yet?” every five minutes. Yes Facebook is the pestering child from hell, who unlike a relative, you can easily decide to leave the moving vehicle and forget the horrid ordeal.

facebook2.jpgAlthough the concept behind this website may be pure and fascinating, the notification system is a complete and utter nightmare.

There are friends who want to hug you, kiss you, love you and others who want to compare quiz after quiz after quiz with you. For me it has become the anti-social website as I am now actually removing people from my list!

Please for the love of sanity change the way you notify people! Either have a clear all option, tick boxes, quiz spam filter or something that will put my mind at ease and allow me to sleep in the sound knowledge that my poor innocent on-screen pixels aren’t being mistreated. Of course my friends are to blame for running all these different additions on the website, but in their defense, on completion you are always faced with the option to message all of your friends inviting them to take part.

Thanks to Cat for the YouTube video and sharing my grief in this matter. She also promises a post on this very subject on her own blog soon…

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3 thoughts on “Facebook – The Now Notorious Nagging Notification Nightmare

  • Agreed, the notification feature is something that cripples my efforts to use the site as it should be used.

  • Facebook rocks :D

  • yeah only recently joined it after much persuasion but it’s annoying me already!!!


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