Facebook Redeems Itself – Live Chat and Alterations Saves the Day… Thank You!

It wasn’t that long ago that I was extremely frustrated with Facebook. For weeks it was flooding me with invitations to poke, prod and hurl items at other friends on my list. No I didn’t care who loved me by accepting today’s wonderful new application. Painfully I had to resoundingly ‘no’ each one as they came in, tormenting every sense of my patience I had remaining. I was so close to removing myself, however times have indeed changed.

As bloggers, it is often easy to criticise our chosen topic of the day and even easier forgetting to praise any efforts solving the original annoyances. So here I am saying thank you to Facebook.

Facebook was literally on the edge of becoming the biggest farce of Social Networking, however it has triumphed in earning my respect again by listening to the community by calming those tedious notifications and adding new features along the way that really have enhanced my personal experience.

One of these wonderful additions is the live chat system. No not a chat room thank goodness, but something even better. Sending messages with long pauses just doesn’t appeal any more, considering I enjoy software such as Windows Live Messenger and Skype, however Facebook has now taken this real time chat idea and incorporated it into the website itself. Very clever, as it sits there inconspicuously at the bottom of the website, informing you of how many of your Facebook friends are currently online and of course, you can then take the next step and send a message they can immediately respond to.

Using this new gizmo, I have been in touch with people on my friends list I might have otherwise sent the obligatory, “Hello how are you?” routine, but instead full blown conversations can flourish allowing the true meaning of the word ‘social’ to come alive all on your computer screen.

There is more though…

Facebook has revealed a new design to the public and while boasting a cleaner appearance, this will no doubt raise a few eyebrows, however this post isn’t about the new design, I will leave that debate to other bloggers. Instead I will simply finish with this: Bravo Facebook on actually enhancing my social network and in doing so, help me learn more about a person in just three weeks, than I did in 5 years!

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