Love it or hate it, the Eurovision Song Contest is here again with last night presenting the possible entries for the United Kingdom where it was up to us the viewing public to vote for the one to represent us in May at the main event.

It finished on a bit of a blunder (well actually quite a large one) as Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton had two finalists of which they would now announce the winner:

As you can see from the video, they both announced different names (whoops!), but it will be Scooch waving the UK flag on our behalf. I must admit I didn’t even think Scooch were still going?

Here is the song from Scooch:

So will you be watching the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 on May 12th? I doubt I will!

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10 thoughts on “Eurovision 2007 UK Entry – Whoops Terry!

  • That song was just plain awful, I actually felt embarassed that that will be our entry, and I don’t even really give a stuff about eurovision!

  • Will everyone be singing the ‘Scooch’ entry for Eurovision in the next few weeks? I very much doubt it! I cannot even remember the ‘song’. It has no memorable tune, or melody, just a constant drumbeat that gets upon ones nerves after a few minutes. I thought a song contest needed to have a song, not just a repetitive thumping accompanying a dance routine that ,obviously, won’t be seen whenever (if) the entry is played on the radio. No I won’t be watching the event in May! I shall be playing and enjoying real music on my Tyros!

  • :d/ i thought this was a great song and i think they will do well in may and hopefully win it for the uk. un like last years entry we actually have a chance this year. good luck scooth, all the beat. love potts xxx

  • the song was class :)>- so peace out :d/

  • Its more than embarrassing.. its shameful… is this the best we have to offer? I guess there are no Beatles, Buck Fizz, Oasis or Blurs out there.. ridiculous does not seem to cover it.

  • Hi, well I have to say that yesterday I saw on TV for the very first time the UK entry for this Eurovision conterst and was not at all impressed . I have to say it was the worst song the UK has ever put forward for years. I give it NIL points and is even worse than last years song. This entry has no hope at all of winning and just goes to show just how bad the UK has become in finding real talent for such a stupid event anyway.

    Anyway, thats my view and I’m sure many may well agree or disagree with that point of view.

    UK entry 100% Rubbish.

  • malta is gonna win its the best song with a great singer

  • I watched the ‘auditions’ for people who wanted to sing for us a few weeks ago. Cindy was a French lady who sang the most beautiful ballad, but I was shocked when folks ‘voted’ for Scooch (and so was Terry Wogan…). The only thing Scooch had going for them was the fact that by the end of the song you can see two British flags on the stage – although it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that that was the UK’s entry lol. Being optimistic (cause that’s the only thing you can be when a failed 90’s group represent us in Eurovish) their song could have had something to it, if they didn’t act so leary – the women looked like they’d have preferred to be on Page 3 but were rejected, one of the guys had no singing lines but a completely random ‘Would you like NUTS with your dinner sir?’ spoken line (lyrics? need help with them?), and the other guy looked like he was there to make up numbers. Very sad. I think they should take the winners from Pop Idol/Fame Academy/X-Factor/Problem like Maria/Grease or any of the multitude of talent that graces our tele screens during the year. Surely it would have made more sense to take a proven singer rather than pluck tuneless, unimaginative have-beens who would seem more at home on the set of ‘Hollyoaks’…:-?

    Maybe next year? *sigh*

  • Yep it did very well, if it were not for Irland & Malta them again it would have been NIL point :d

    Like I said in my last posting before the contest, this has to be the worst UK entry ever and getting 19 points in total just goes to prove the point. :o


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