Jason Rybka from Owner of Xbox Solution, has made a blog post concerning HDTV’s:

Everyone knows that football games look better on a high definition television, PC gamers know video games look better on an HDTV LCD screen, and Xbox gamers know console games look better on a widescreen HTDV display. Wether its plasma, LCD, projection, or some of the newer digital formats, if it displays 720 vertical lines its HDTV compatible.

For a couple solid years Xbox owners have enjoyed HDTV gaming, and this continues on the Xbox 360, but what about owners of consoles like the PS2 and Gamecube, are they really missing that much? Sure there are adapters to bring a signal from a PS2 into an HTDV, but until the PlayStation 3 comes out Sony gamers won’t experience a true HDTV signal.

I have a Samsung 32″ Widescreen LCD HDTV display and could never dream of going back to a standard resolution TV again for Xbox 360 gaming, however after sticking Xbox 1 with an RGB scart connection into the same display, the graphics looked very washed out and grainy with all those extra pixels in the screen, showing up the far lower resolution. I would have never have purchased HDTV until a freeview HDTV decoder became available, however the Xbox 360 was just begging to be shown in high definition, so what is a man to do :)

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Link: Poll: Do you have HDTV for your Video Games?

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