I love streaming content from my home computer to my Xbox 360, however not all formats are supported including DivX and XviD. However with Transcode 360, it will convert the file before playing it back on your extender (Xbox 360):

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I like many others, was a little underwhelmed with the media capabilities of the Xbox 360 out-of-the-box. Yes it can serve as a ‘multimedia hub’ with some pretty big caveats. You’ll need a Windows Media Center PC before you can even think about streaming your own video content across a home network for playback. Even with this in place, only certain types of media format are supported, and unfortunately this doesn’t include the very popular DivX and XviD formats.

Some folks are of the opinion that Microsoft can excuse themselves for not supporting MPEG4 codecs on the grounds of potential legality issues. Clearly, that hasn’t stopped a large number of consumer electronics manufacturers who extend this functionality to their customers, including Sony in the form of their Playstation Portable handheld console.

Still the Xbox 360 community came through and a couple of weeks ago /mceDivX360 was released. The solution transcodes video files into Windows Media Video which is supported by the Xbox 360. As a first iteration, author Casey Chesnut has done a great job in turning over a working solution. There are of course several things that could be improved from the usability perspective. Thats where Transcode 360 steps in. I’ve taken the same concepts and written a solution from the ground up with the purpose of making video playback more robust and accessible. I’ll post more details later.

Although it is great you can now play DivX and XviD, it is really not ideal as you have to wait for the video to be ‘transcoded’, which can take a long time for a short video. I just hope Microsoft will support these formats and more in the future as I would really like to play DivX HD trailers etc through the Xbox 360. Also note that you will need Windows Media Center Edition 2005 for this to work.

Link: Transcode 360

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5 thoughts on “DivX and XviD Playback on Xbox 360

  • I’m thinking about adding this to my setup too, it’s worth a try!

    I think MS will wait to see what services the PS3 and Wii offer, if they offer playback of more media types, I’m sure MS will have to follow suit.

    It’s a shame Transcode doesn’t support the Quicktime .mov format too. With the ongoing lack of movie trailers on Live, I’d love to be able to download them on my PC and stream them.

    Particularly the new Superman Returns trailer in 720p :d

  • There is Quicktime support within Transcode, I gave it a try, however I had no sound when I tested it, maybe something they are working on.

    I doubt the Nintendo Wii will have media support as they are concentrating heavily on the gaming angle only. Playstation 3 is the one we need to watch.

  • Ah! Now I’m really going to have to try it \:d/

  • I’ve just tried a few videos myself and it works rather well!! :)

    I’m having a few minor problems, the screen seems to flicker, the video does pause occasionally (wireless network), and I can’t seem to get it to detect the quicktime .mov files at all.

    But, with a bit of tweaking here and there I’m sure I’ll love this little app.! \:d/


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