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Dead Rising 2 – Zombie Killing While Wearing Female Attire Remains Strangely Addictive!

Dead Rising 2 follows on from the original game by continuing the same manic zombie killing sprees we all enjoy while also revealing a serious undertone through the constant cut-scenes. I and a fellow friend couldn’t help but chuckle though at the sight of seeing my controllable lead character attempting to look all serious and concerned with the latest media corruption, while wearing a prim and proper lady-like hat with all the usual feminine trimmings.

I must admit, I have never wished to try out the various garments that women wear oh so well, however while frantically pursuing zombie carnage I accidentally collected a hat among a shop full of clothing and accessories. I didn’t even notice the pink highlights as my mind was so focused on the challenge currently confronting my character. When a room is chock-a-block with creatures lusting for your blood, you don’t usually stop to ask for their opinions on your current choice of attire. They would only respond with a groan after all. Among the chaos not even my co-operative zombie annihilator noticed the new item donning my head until…

During one of the many cut-scenes, we noticed a slight change in appearance to the lead character. At first we were shocked, bemused and a little disorientated. Rubbing our eyes we stared at the screen in all its high definition glory and after just moments, neither of us had the ability to contain our laughter. It was so humorous in fact I agreed to leave the unnecessary garment on, even replacing the white John Travolta-like suit for a more vibrant set of red pyjamas and green boots.

Yes you and a friend can traverse the casino, shopping mall and other zombie infested areas with glee as you search for survivors, complete tasks and best of all – collect all kinds of weaponry suitable for dispatching the walking dead. There is even a car sat in the middle of one of the areas that is yearning to be driven, however I am yet to find a way of unlocking the powerful beast beyond my reach. While I wait, there are still vast quantities of traditional and not so traditional tools of torment laying around that are useful when clearing a section of body munching cretins. The desire to explore and search for every little hidey-hole, every last secret that can be found drives your curiosity to overload.

Zombies don’t seem to care a great deal about their own hygiene and in fact seem quite happy to allow the player to divulge in all manner of mayhem with your chosen method of assault. A few pounds away at the head with a truncheon, a pistol shot to the groin or even a wonderfully cheeky wheelchair bowling fails to upset the staggering human remains rotting in front of your eyes. Combinations can also yield wondrous results as tricks of the trade are unveiled as you level up during the game.

So if you are going to experiment with your characters clothing tastes, remember one important thing… Consider carefully the ramifications of your decision when asked to let another player join your game. Your friends may be far less forgiving than mine!

Dead Rising 2 is available on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation3.

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