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Datel’s Xbox 360 File Transfer to PC

Lik-Sang have informed me about the new Datel device for the Xbox 360, allowing people to download and upload information from Xbox 360 memory cards. Also in development by another company is a way to transfer files between the PC and hard drive on the Xbox 360:

The Transfer Kit is the first professionally mass-produced adapter of its kind. It comes in a nice clamshell blister packaging as brick and mortar retailers like them. Out of the box, you’ll get the Transfer Kit itself, an installation CD, a professional user’s manual freshly baked by Datel’s printing factory, and, as a free bonus, a complimentary adapter for Xbox1 Memory Cards.

360-transfer-kit8.jpg 360-transfer-kit2.jpg 360-transfer-kit1.jpg

When you plug the Transfer Kit and a Memory Card 360 for the first time into your USB port, Windows will detect it, prompting you to install drivers. Insert the supplied disc into your reader, point to the CD drive as the correct location to get the hardware drivers from and you’re ready to go.

From the installation CD, you can furthermore install both Action Replay Xbox (for the complimentary Xbox1 Mem Card Adapter mentioned above) and the Xchange360 software that the UK based peripheral company prepped up for their new Transfer Kit. Xchange 360 allows you to back-up a complete Memory Card image to your PC hard drive, or, going the other way around, to restore an image back to the Memory Unit. Xchange360 does not extract or isolate single files. You will always have to transfer a complete “image” back and forth with the PC, which kinda limits the fun.

Although I am sure this is going to be useful, I just hope it won’t be misused in attempts to hack/cheat with the console, like we experienced on Xbox 1 with dodgy game saves.

Link: Xbox 360 Files Transfer to PC: Datel’s Memory Transfer Kit Hands-on and Related Developments

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