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Creative I-Trigue 200 2.0 Channel Speaker System Impressions – Low Cost Music Solution

Creative SpeakersMy regular visitors will no doubt have realised I now am the proud owner of the Apple iPhone 3GS. You could go absolutely bonkers spending money on a vast array of accessories and although I have indeed indulged, it was time to sit back and ponder for a moment.

I spend a fair bit of time in the kitchen cooking meals, which can range from about 5 minutes to half an hour. In this time all I hear is the sizzling of steak or the boiling of water and never any melodic moments. I have a tiny area to prepare food so I knew a small (and hopefully cheap) dock with speakers would add a nice addition to my famous twizzling mushroom actions.

First I considered the staggering amount of iPhone/iPod docks there are, where not only does it play the music through its own speakers, but many can also charge the iPhone or iPod at the same time. Essentially I was paying quite a bit extra for the docking feature, so I decided to ignore this area and move on to just a simple set of speakers.

speakerrightI came across the Creative I-Trigue 200 2.0 Channel Speaker System for £12.99, which although small in both stature and cost, actually achieves a pleasant audible experience perfect for a dimensionally challenged room (yes that’s right small!).

Sitting on the window sill, the pair of speakers offer good sound quality and volume. Don’t expect it to belt out your tunes whilst making the ground tremble of course as you are paying pennies for this set-up, but you can and will enjoy a decent coverage for your music collection even at just 2 watts per channel. The bass is also noticeable, hinting at its presence while not distorting unless you go overboard and crank the volume all the way to the maximum. There should be a warning attached though, with your favourite tracks playing while you prepare your masterpiece, you may notice extra vigour in your stirring as your body sways from side to side matching the entrancing tempo.

Powered by the AC adaptor that comes in the box, the speakers look surprisingly stylish especially as the system even comes with a selection of different coloured plastic panels to suit your tastes or to match its surroundings. Using the line out of your iPod, iPhone or Mp3 player, simply plug in and away you go. So perfect for my kitchen needs yet also suitable for any tiny room such as a single bedroom.

One speaker has the volume control, which also acts as the power on when turned up. Turning back all the way to the left turns the speakers off. There is a wire for the power, a link from one speaker to the other and the lead that plugs into the output on your headphones socket on your portable player.

The Creative I-Trigue 200 2.0 Channel Speaker System has certainly impressed me and for what I expected, this speaker set-up has surpassed and impressed myself and others who have heard its output. You really can have a splendid night on the tiles after all, its just that these are the ones in your kitchen.


  • Product Description: Creative I-Trigue 200 – PC multimedia speakers
  • Product Type: PC multimedia speakers
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 10.1 cm x 5.2 cm x 14.6 cm
  • System Components: 2 speakers
  • Speaker Type: Active
  • Nominal Output Power (Total): 4 Watt
  • Media Included Qty: 110 – 20000 Hz
  • Audio Amplifier: Integrated
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Speaker System Details: 2 x right/left channel speaker – 2 Watt – 110 – 20000 Hz

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